Vision Aslak

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Vision Aslak Polarflite shades include frames with Actif tri-acetate cellulose lenses. They give 100% protection from UVA-, UVB- and UVC light. They effectively block both visible light and the light reflected from the water surface reducing the aligned, partially polarized glare. They are finished with a hardcoat scratch- resistant surface. These lenses will not absorb haze and will stay constant with a low haze value of 0.4%. A perfect choice for all-round shades. These standard polarized plastic lenses have all the optical qualities needed for fishing. They are also very light. Pouch included (Mirrorflite model comes in hard case). Made in France.

The lens colour determines how much light will pass through a lens. To keep vision optimal, you need less light in sunny conditions and more in cloudy weather. Multiple lens colours available:

  • Brown: A superb all-round constant density lens. It provides the best combination of true colour transmission and contrast. The optimal performance is achieved in medium bright to bright conditions.
  • Yellow: These lenses work as light enhancers. Good for dusk and low light as well as for overcast days and evenings.
  • Amber: These lenses are for low light conditions, they make an environment appear brighter. Amber tint also prevent blue light as a healthy aspect.
  • Photoflite: Photochromic lenses are the best the all-round option and work in almost every condition from low light overgrown rivers to bright sunshine. Photochromic lenses darken on exposure to UV radiation. Photoflite series lenses start very light and darken very linearly when UV light is increased. NOTE: Photochromic lenses are not a good option for driving a car as the UV light does not penetrate the car windshield and lenses will not darken in bright sunlight.
  • Mirrorflite: On top of looking good the Mirrorflite series offers a bit of extra protection from the sun with the mirror coating reflecting more sun rays away from the user's eyes. Mirrorflite model comes with a hard protective case. 


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