WiggleFin Action Discs

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Tillverkare: WiggleFin Tackle

WiggleFin Action Disc can be used to create random swimming action for flies, softbaits and other lures that do not have strong swimming action. Action Discs are suitable for both trolling and jig fishing with Carolina rig. Slide Lock rubber beads (6 pieces per package) are sold separately and you can use them for fine tuning the swimming action.

  • WiggleFin Action Disc is made of clear plastic
  • Easy to use, just slide the Action Disc on the leader before you tie on your bait
  • Each size of Action Disc will handle a range of bait sizes and can be Carolina rigged for casting applications or run behind a swivel for trolling
  • Use Slide Lock stopper bead (sold separately, 6 pieces per package) to tune the swimming action - further away you slide the stopper from the bait, more erratic and wider the swimming action will become

See the directional measurements of the suitable fly sizes etc. below:

Size Diameter Length Quantity Suitable size of the fly, softbait etc.
1 20 mm 14 mm 6 pcs 3 - 8 cm (1" - 3")
2 30 mm 20 mm 6 pcs 8 - 15 cm (3" - 6")
3 40 mm 28 mm 6 pcs 15 - 23 cm (6" - 9")


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