Frödinflies Peacock Eye Feather Pack

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Tillverkare: Frödinflies

Frödinflies Peacock Eye Feather Pack consists of 50 peacock eye feathers. 10 colours – 5 feathers of each colour. Half of the colours are dyed and half bleached and then dyed. Normally dyed feathers have more natural tone and bleached & dyed feathers have more vivid colors. All the feathers are packed in the biggest SOS Organizing wallet, which can be later used for storing other fly tying materials.

When sourcing materials for Frödinflies' Pattern of the month pack they found the best quality peacock eye feathers they have ever seen. Top grade peacock is tricky to get – and Frödin uses them to top most of the tube fly wings, a key part of many of Mikael's patterns. Just tie them on the top of the wing and it will make a great finish for any salmon or seatrout fly pattern.

Frödinflies Peacock Eye Feather Pack consists of:

  • 1 x Large SOS Organizing Wallet
  • 5 x Yellow - Dyed
  • 5 x Orange - Dyed
  • 5 x Chartreuse - Dyed
  • 5 x Blue - Dyed
  • 5 x Purple - Dyed
  • 5 x Lion yellow - Bleached & dyed
  • 5 x Orange - Bleached & dyed
  • 5 x Chartreuse - Bleached & dyed
  • 5 x Pale Blue - Bleached & dyed
  • 5 x Magenta - Bleached & dyed

Påfågel är på CITES listan (Peacock, Pavo Cristatus, CITES III/C art). Vi säljer inte denna produkt utanför EU. Observera att om du exporterar produkten eller en del av produkten utanför EU, måste du ha exportcertifikat.

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