FutureFly Tungsten UfoDisc

44,25 DKK Inkl. 24% moms
Tillverkare: FutureFly

FutureFly Tungsten UfoDisc is a wide conehead for tube flies. Works great on medium size patterns but can also be used with bigger ones. Creates a lot of movement for fly. Fits on 1,8 mm and slightly thinner tubes.

FutureFly Tungsten UfoDisc specifications:

  • Fits on 1,8 mm and smaller tubes
  • Outer diameter about 6 mm
  • Inner diameter about 1,8 mm
  • Weight 0,36 g per disc
  • 10 discs per package


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Gul (metall)
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Gyllen Orange (metall)
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Matt Metallisk Gul
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Matt Metallisk Oliv
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