Tinseli (fly tying kit)

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Tinseli Fly Tying Kit includes all materials for Tinseli fly, also known as Supertinseli, which is famous Finnish flashabou streamer pattern. This fly is easy to tie and is suitable also for beginners. But don't be fooled by the simplicity of the fly, it's deadly for almost all predator fish species. In Finland this fly is mostly used for fishing brown trout. You can fish the Tinseli fly with many teqhnicues from traditional swinging, dead drifting, pocket fishing etc.

Please see the video below which shows one way to tie this simple yet effective fly pattern. There is no single true way to build this fly - you can vary the recipe as much you like.

Tinseli tying instructions:

  1. Attach the thread on the hook.
  2. Tie a bunch of Ice Wing on the hook. You can apply a small drop of super glue at this point if you want to tie an extra strong fly.
  3. Dub a small amount of Ice Wing.
  4. Repeat the steps 2 and 3 for about 3 - 5 times depending how thick and large fly you are tying and progress towards the hook eye.
  5. Finally build the overwing of the black Ice Wing.
  6. Tie a head for the fly and finish the fly with a whip finisher or just tie whip finish knot with your fingers.
  7. Apply a drop of glue or varnish on the head and you're ready to go.

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