Hanak H530BL Pupa & Allround

52,43 NOK
Manufacturer: Hanak

Hanak H530BL Pupa & Allround is a hook with straight eye and bent-in point suitable for tying of different types of flies. Use for pupae and other wet fly patterns.

  • Medium wire
  • Extra long needle point
  • Bent-in point
  • Black nickel finish
  • Barbless

25 hooks per package.

Hook size Total length Gape width
#8 16,7 mm 7,0 mm
#10 14,6 mm 6,2 mm
#12 12,6 mm 5,0 mm
#14 10,4 mm 4,1 mm
#16 9,5 mm 3,5 mm

Hanak's exceptional innovative design of hooks increases efficiency of strike and landing of fish. This effect is reached by using HI Carbon steel and by the special shape of the hook finished with an extra-long needle point. Use of barbless hooks dramatically reduces damage to fish, it limits injury and shortens handling time for the fish caught.

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