Sportex Curve Spin RS-2

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Manufacturer: Sportex

Sportex Curve Spin RS-2 - Light, dynamic, and timelessly elegant rod serie offers high quality spinning rods for seatrout fishing, jigging and other lightweight fishing & pike fishing. When Sportex upgraded this popular series of rods, they used a special and extremely high quality carbon material, which in particular improves resetting speed and acceleration when casting. In addition, the carbon fibres have more tensile strength, which gives the extremely slim blank perceptibly more power reserves in the backbone than previously. This means that specimens can be more easily kept away from obstacles when being played, and can be brought to the net more quickly. Thanks to their lightweight structure, the rods lie very balanced in the hand, and make for hours of fatigue-free fishing. Among the top quality fittings are a single Duplon handle with VSS reel seat, high-quality SIC guides, and an innovative D-Hook hook keeper from Seaguide. Anyone on the lookout for an inspiring spinning rod with superb medium-fast action need look no further!

Sportex Curve Spin RS-2 rod models:

  • PS1811 - 6'0", 3-16 g: Short and light rod for perch fishing. Optimal lure weight is about 10 grams.
  • PS2110 - 7'0", 3-15 g: Slightly longer and light rod for fishing perch and zander. Optimal lure weight is about 10 grams.
  • PS2111 - 7'0", 8-27 g: Heavier option for zander fishing. Optimal lure weight is about 20 grams.
  • PS2411 - 8'0", 7-26 g: Seatrout rod for boat fishing. 8 feet length is easy to handle inside boat. Optimal lure weight is about 20 grams.
  • PS2412 - 8'0", 15-52 g: All-around rod for pike fishing with medium sized pike lures. Optimal lure weight is about 40 grams.
  • PS2711 - 9'0", 9-29 g: The best model for all-around seatrout fishing for both beach and boat fishing. Optimal lure weight is about 20 grams.
Model Length Lure weight (optimal) Pieces Weight Transport length
PS1811 6'0” / 180 cm 3-16 g (10 g) 2 107 g 97 cm
PS2110 7'0” / 210 cm 3-15 g (10 g) 2 112 g 109 cm
PS2111 7'0” / 210 cm 8-27 g (20 g) 2 117 g 109 cm
PS2411 8'0” / 240 cm 7-26 g (20 g) 2 137 g 124 cm
PS2412 8'0” / 240 cm 15-52 g (40 g) 2 151 g 124 cm
PS2711 9'0” / 270 cm 9-29 g (20 g) 2 155 g 139 cm


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