Micro Fine Dry Fly Dub Dispenser

19,95 EUR
Manufacturer: Hareline

Micro Fine Dry Fly Dub is very fine and short cutted dubbing. Short fibres make this easy to use and you can always take right amount of dubbing onto the thread. This will ensure the body of fly won't be bulk. Small or even micro sized flies are no problem with this dubbing.

Dispenser contains these colors: Mahogany Dun, BWO Gray Olive, PMD Olive Dun, PMD Yellow Olive, BWO Olive, Red Quill, Sulphur Orange, Sulphur Yellow, Trico, Callibaetis, Baetis Gray and Baetis Tan.

You can fill this dispenser with single Micro Fine Dry Fly Dub packages.

12 color dispenser
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