Daiwa SaqSas Bassers Worm Hook WOS - Wide Off-Set Hook

3,45 EUR
Manufacturer: Daiwa

Daiwa SaqSas Bassers Worm Hook WOS - Wide Off-Set jig hooks use Daiwa's coating technology. The fluoride coating reduces the resistance from normal surface irregularities eliminate them almost completely - the result is a hook point that is sharper than compared to traditional production methods. As a result the hook penetrates the fish better than the normal hooks. Several tests of in Japan showed SaqSas hooks point penetration of up to 40% better compared to conventionally sharpened hooks. All SaqSas hooks are made in Japan.

WOS - Wide Off-Set Hook is suitable for all kind of fishing techniques, where a big, wide curve is requested. Perfect with compact, bellied lures.

Hook size Total length Gape width Quantity
#5/0 55 mm 23 mm 4 hooks
#3/0     5 hooks
#1/0     6 hooks

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