Joe Blado's Crease Fly Cutters

From 24,90 EUR

Joe Blado's Crease Fly Cutters allow you to create foam parts fast and easily. Cutter is extremely sharp so it's easy to cut big amounts of alike pieces for your use. Package includes always a small cutting pad. By using cutting pad you will increase your product's lifetime.

Joe Blado's Crease Fly Cutters are designed for tying crease flies. Body and back of the crease fly is tied of one single piece of foam. Crease flies can be fished just below surface or with occasional splashes, like poppers, depending on how you tie and retrieve your fly when fishing. Popular fly for tropical saltwater fish species. Can be used as well for nordic fishing for surface active fish species such as pike, trout and perch.

  • Available in single piece packages and sets
  • All options include cutting pad
  • Set includes all three sizes, wooden box and cutting pad
  • Note that the hook size is only a recommendation
  • Note: The wooden box in the picture is included only in the sets


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