Sybai Wiggly Worms

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Manufacturer: Sybai Tackle

Sybai Wiggly Worms is a multi-purpose material for fly tying. It has round shape and stretchy structure with bright finish. Use for all kind of insect imitations in bodies. Can be also used for small Squirmy style bloodworm patterns. There is almost endless ways using this material from bead head flies to small buzzers.

  • Use Wiggly Worms for bloodworm imitations, buzzers, larvae, nymphs and other insect imitations
  • Stretchy
  • Try also as rubber legs
  • Best suitable for hook sizes #12-#16 depending on the hook shape and model
  • Diameter approximately 0,50 mm
  • Package contains 3,6 meters of material
  • Tip: Before tying on the hook, melt the end of the material with lighter and stretch it for more tapered look


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