Ken Sawada Flat Beam Super Shooting Line

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Manufacturer: Ken Sawada

Ken Sawada Flat Beam Super shooting lines are easy to handle and has long life even in low temperature. Strong and less memory.

Floating version has hard type hollow monofilament called Airtight Bamboo Structure [Pat. Pend]. Float well on the surface. It is very useful when cast in deep slow current or in still water. Sensitive handling must be needed to keep it in good condition.

Intermediate line is the best line for both of the beginners and experienced angler and floating line is exclusive for experienced and skillful angler.

Available in single spool and double spool:

  • One spool is perfect for one reel
  • Two spools fill about 2-3 reels
Model Strength Single spool size Color Line recommendation
Floating 35 lb 50 m Fl. Orange #8 - 12
Floating 50 lb 40 m Fl. Orange #10 and heavier
Intermediate 35 lb 50 m Yellow #8 - 12
Intermediate 50 lb 50 m Fl. Lime #10 and heavier

NOTE: Intermediate model manufacturing has ended and we will not receive more of it. 

50 lb (22,7 kg) (Strength)

Floating, One spool
Floating, One spool
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Floating, Two spools
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