Magic Quills

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Manufacturer: Gaga Flies

Magic Quills are synthetic quills for insect imitations. Magic Quills are made of extremely thin vinyl with adhesive back for fast and easy using. Wind around shaped & weighted & coloured body and coat with lacquer or UV glue. Perfect for creating segmented looking bodies for insect imitations.

  • All sizes are suitable for hook sizes #8-22
  • Very thin
  • Adhesive back
  • Thanks to transparency, you can create flies with nice colors by using underbody materials with different colors
  • Easy and fast to use, great for insect imitations
  • Perfect for buzzers and nymphs
  • Three different sizes: shape and measurements of the strips are same in every size, only the thickness of the dark line differs

Length of the strip is 10 cm. Width of the strip starts from 0,1 mm and the widest part is 3 mm. One package contains 20 strips.

Translucent (Color)

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