RIO InTouch Long MOW Tips

38,90 EUR
Manufacturer: RIO Products

RIO InTouch Long MOW Tips are powerful tips designed to cast large flies. Each tip is 15ft in length, with varying lengths of floating/sinking sections. These Long MOW Tips are perfect for Spey rods of 13ft and bigger, and for casters that find regular MOW tips too short and continuously blow their anchor. All Long MOW tips are built on RIO’s ConnectCore for ultra-low stretch performance.

  • 15 feet long tips
  • Extra-long, powerful tips for big flies and windy conditions
  • Suitable for skagit lines
  • Available in varying lengths of floating/sinking sections, also as full floating/sinking
  • Three different tip weights available: Medium (160 grains), Heavy (210 grains) and Extra Heavy (255 grains)
  • For example: if you have 14 feet long spey rod with 625 grains skagit head, choose Heavy tip
  • Ultra-low stretch ConnectCore
  • Neat, bullet-proof welded loops on the rear and front end for fast rigging
Model Recommended skagit head weight (approx.) Tip weight Sinking material
Medium 450-575 grains 160 grains T-11
Heavy 550-650 grains 210 grains T-14
Extra Heavy 650 grains or more 255 grains T-17

Model, Sink Rate:

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